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ArtBeat 2021

ArtBeat Design by:

ArtBeat 2021

Sat., July 10, 11:00am

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ArtBeat 2021 Design by Stephanie Vecellio 

Download the full PDF schedule here!

Join us as we emerge from Covid to provide you another ArtBeat festival/event.   As you may have noticed our festival this year is forever evolving.  During our emergency Covid restrictions, we had planned small events-- to pop up and engage you.

Now, as our safety guidelines have been lifted, we are planning a more traditional ArtBeat event but with some changes.  While there will be street closures, like in the past, we will have less traditional craft vendors on the streets; instead more roaming performers.   

Our main stage in 7 hills park, will include dance in the a.m. shifting to music in the afternoon and evening. Our music lineup this year is curated in partnership with ONCE Somerville

Stay tuned to this page as we roll out the programming.   And thank you for supporting the local arts community, and supporting the Council, during this epoch time.  We hope and expect to provide Pop to your life.  

Our theme:  

It’s been a long, rough year, yet things are getting better and we’re all emerging from hibernation. By summer, we expect things to pop—artistic activity, street life, and optimism! We’re looking forward to business bustle, backyard barbecues, and popping in to visit friends and neighbors. Let’s celebrate all good things popping up—ideas, cultural trends, celebrations, flowers and new life. At this year’s ArtBeat Festival, expect pop-up performances, pop music (among other genres!), some eye-popping dance, a healthy dose of pop art, and just about anything else that might pop up. 


Date Time Locationsort ascending Performance
July 10 11:30 AM Statue Park Plaza Statue Park Lineup
July 10 12:00 PM Somerville Public Library, West Branch Poppenings
July 10 10:30 AM Somerville Community Path, Grove St. Section School of HONK Kickoff Parade
July 10 11:00 AM Somerville Community Path, Grove St. Section P.O.P. Installation
July 10 11:00 AM Seven Hills Stage Jackie Bowden (Dance)
July 10 11:00 AM Seven Hills Stage Abigail Ripin (Dance)
July 10 11:00 AM Seven Hills Stage Natalie Johnson Dance
July 10 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Sapna Govindan (Dance)
July 10 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Rising Step (Dance)
July 10 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Emily Bloomenthal (Dance)
July 10 1:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Pasy Naay Leer Dance Company
July 10 1:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Boston Dance Theater Trainee Program
July 10 1:45 PM Seven Hills Stage Boston Community Dance Project Global
July 10 1:45 PM Seven Hills Stage Being noONE (Dance)
July 10 1:45 PM Seven Hills Stage Beantown Lockers (Dance)
July 10 3:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Grooversity Roaming Drum Jam
July 10 3:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Jef Czekaj (Music)
July 10 4:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Aldra (Music)
July 10 5:30 PM Seven Hills Stage SATURNIIDS (Music)
July 10 6:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Boubacar Diabate and SambaLolo (Music)
July 10 7:30 PM Seven Hills Stage STL GLD (Music)
July 10 12:00 PM Kenney Park Basketball Court This is POP Art Exhibit
July 10 3:00 PM Kenney Park Basketball Court Poetry and Music by Aaron Emmanuel
July 10 11:00 AM Festival Center Butterfly Garden and Floral Installations, Craft Activities
July 10 12:00 PM Festival Center Somerville Faeries
July 10 1:30 PM Festival Center Brocade Roaming Music
July 10 12:00 PM Day St. Knucklebones
July 10 9:00 PM Davis Square Media Wall Showcase
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