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Boubacar Diabate and SambaLolo (Music)

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Boubacar Diabate and SambaLolo (Music)

Saturday, July 10 6:30 PM

Seven Hills Park, Somerville

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Boubacar Diabate and SambaLolo

Griot singer, guitarist, drummer, songwriter and storyteller Boubacar Diabate from Bamako, Mali comes from the Mande lineage. Combining traditional rhythms with modern influences to create his own style of contemporary Malian Griot music, Bouba presents his unique compositions and arrangements, singing and playing guitar with his group, SambaLolo.

Singing in Bambara and Manding, Boubacar Diabate and SambaLolo create a performance that spans the full spectrum of Traditional to Contemporary Malian music from West Africa combined with Blues, Jazz, Reggae and Bluegrass. Bouba sings of our common shared experience of love, life and humanity, giving all an opportunity to hear the age-old West African tradition of Griot storytelling through song.

Our music lineup this year is curated in partnership with ONCE Somerville