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BIPOC 2023

Dancing my Blues Away, work by Tori Weston

Initiatives for BIPOC Artists 2023

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During the Fall 2020 while COVID was raging and the desire to be reflective about how arts resources reach the community, the Arts Council developed a local Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) support initiative. Since then, we have released over $261,000 to the BIPOC community in forms of fellowships and project grants. Please see below some of the outcomes from this support.

Apply, Community and Event Space for BIPOC Artists:
In 2022, the Arts Council launched a Pop-up event and exhibition space at the Armory Building for local BIPOC artists. In the past 1.5 years this space has served over 15 groups or artists. The goal has been to support programming, provide temporary space, and funds to this community of artists. This initiative aims to provide a safe, vibrant, and free space to be curated by artists of color. The pop-up location features couple of rooms: a common room where there are new exhibitions on a rotational basis and a larger room that can be reserved for small events, lectures, workshops, and any programming that serves the local BIPOC arts community. Funds are provided depending on the programming and availability of funds. There is an application and interview process required before booking the space. This initiative aims to support the development of BIPOC artists to lead, program, and organize an environment that creates a sense of safety and encouragement.

To learn more please reach out to Iaritza Menjivar in our office imenjivar(a)
Application to be considered can be found here. Deadline is open on a rolling basis. 

Featured Exhibit:
Las Chicas Artistas, una exhibición celebrando la cultura Hispana.
Celebrate the essence of Hispanic Heritage Month with our extraordinary exhibition, showcasing the profound creativity and innovation of women artists from the Hispanic and Latino communities. Through diverse mediums and perspectives, these talented creators explore the intricacies of culture, identity, and history, inviting you to experience their unique narratives and contribute to a more inclusive artistic dialogue. Join us in honoring their impactful contributions and celebrating the vibrant tapestry of voices that shape our cultural landscape.

Opening Reception: September 22nd at 6:30-8pm
Second Reception: Friday, October 13th at 6:30-8pm.
Location: 191 Highland Ave, Second Floor, Suite 2A, Somerville, MA

Featured artists: Claudia Ruiz Gustafson, Flor Delgadillo, Maria Servellón, Naomi Torres-Ortiz, Nicole McLaughlin, Yara Liceaga-Rojas and Sury Chavez

We are extending collaboration with another Arts Council driven space, The Inside Out Gallery, which will be featuring, Artistas de Somerville, including artists: Consuelo Lopez, Fermin Castro, Laidy Saenz, and Mario Quiroz.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual observance in the United States that celebrates the rich culture, history, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. It takes place from September 15 to October 15, encompassing the independence days of several Latin American countries, and serves as a time to recognize and honor the diverse and impactful achievements of this vibrant community.

Artwork by Flor Delgadillo

Las Chicas Artistas
10/13/23 6:30 PM