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Home Alone Art Series

Home Alone Art Series

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The Somerville Arts Council enjoys bringing people together. We understand the importance of continuing to social distance and not gather. The weather is getting cooler and the nights a bit darker, so we have brought back the Home Alone Arts Series ! We want to stay connected and continue to support artists as much as we can. 

The Home Alone Art Series (HAAS) is a series of art related performances, presentations, artist talks, interviews, etc. Tell us more of what you want! The performances represent a variety of genres, including: Music, Visual Arts, Performance, Writing, Theater, Dance and Multidisciplinary art forms. Depending on the presentation or performance, this program will be livestreamed through Facebook or we will also be providing Zoom links for interactive workshops. Stay updated by RSVP-ing to our Facebook events, Follow us: SomervilleArts

To view past Home Alone Art Series, visit our YouTube Channel.

Want to participate?

  • Submit your proposals via email. Describe your proposed presentation, which could be a performance, an instructional video workshop, a lecture, an arts and crafts session, get creative!
  • You will be contacted and scheduled a Zoom talk to talk about your proposal and schedule.
  • Artist must be a Somerville resident or have a studio in Somerville. Or tell us what your Somerville affiliation is.
  • Artist must be willing and able to help with promotion

Compensation: You will be paid $300 for your live performance. If you have a donation account like Venmo or Paypal, we can add this to your promotional information for additional support.

*This call is meant for Somerville artists who work freelance and have been directly affected by the cancellations and closures of Covid-19 and who don’t have financial support from family or a working spouse. If you are an LCC Fellowship awardee and still need to complete your community benefit, this virtual platform may serve as a means of completion to receive your fellowship stipend.  However, we will not be paying fellowship applicants the stated minimum stipend. Please understand we are trying to help those who are in need.*

Submission deadline: Rolling deadline based on funding and Covid-19 crisis.

Email submissions to: [email protected] ; with subject line: Home Alone Art Submission

Who Do You Wear a Mask For?
08/20/20 7:00 PM
Masks of Boston/Who Do You Wear a Mask For?
A Nick Nimble Tale
08/06/20 7:00 PM
A Nick Nimble Tale, Traveling, Writing and Creating Music
Sur5ILL, Rapper
07/30/20 7:00 PM
Changing Paradigms
07/16/20 7:00 PM
Aaron Emmanuel
Live Music with Gonz
07/09/20 7:00 PM
Gonzalo Veloz "Gonz"
Poetry of Place
06/25/20 7:00 PM
I'm Here Now with Ken Field
06/18/20 7:00 PM
Ken Field;  Photo by Robert Torres
Liz LaManche
05/19/20 7:00 PM
 Liz LaManche
Chris Freeman
04/30/20 7:00 PM
Rosalita’s Puppets
04/28/20 7:00 PM
Charlotte Dore of Rosalita’s Puppets
Janaka Stucky, Ascend Ascend
04/23/20 7:00 PM
Janaka Stucky;photos courtesy of Adrianne Mathiowetz Photography
04/16/20 7:00 PM
Zoe Dance; image by Steve Wollkind