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Studio Visit: “The Collective, The Connected, and The In-Between"

Janeann Dill

Studio Visit: “The Collective, The Connected, and The In-Between"

Tue., May 26, 7:00pm

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Join Janeann Dill for a presentation entitled, Studio Visit: “The Collective, The Connected, and The In-Between”


"I invite you to join me in a virtual studio visit in Somerville! I want to speak with you about my art and the visual language of abstraction. I have never been interested in abstraction that (re)presents a mood or is a kind of expression. I am interested in the action of thought, (be)coming to being, and time as timing. My interests are conceptual, not referential.   

Together we will look at an unfinished painting that is 6’ x 12.5’ painted with acrylic on canvas. Please join me as we break apart the painting into a digital puzzle whose parts can be collected by suggested donation. Collecting the puzzle parts of this painting is not the end all, however! When this “in-between” moment becomes a memory of isolation due to the pandemic, our personal history will be marked by an exhibition of these two works of art: (1) The painting and (2) the digital puzzle (parts collected during the HOME ALONE Studio Visit; the extension of this event into an exhibition will be(re)connected into a (re)newed collective!"

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