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Rock and Roll Yard Sale

Rock and Roll Yard Sale

09/13/15 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Not your grandma's yard sale!

Once again, Rhode Island natives Chris and Jennifer Daltry of What Cheer Records will bring their unique brand of shopping to Union Square with the Somerville Rock & Roll Yard Sale. Based on the popular Providence series, the Daltry duo curates markets with a focus on vinyl records and music nostalgia. Collectors, dealers, and hoarders from across New England will peddle records, CDs and other music-related items. You can also live out your rock & roll fantasies by picking up some vintage duds, eyeglasses and t-shirts from vendors selling vintage and handmade DIY items. For entertainment, the outdoor market will also feature local music celeb DJs spinning vinyl records.

Raindate: Sunday, September 20

Check out the Rock and Roll Yard Sale website:

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