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Bizarro Album Cover Contest

Bizarro Album Cover Contest

04/23/15 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

26 Union Sqare, Somerville

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Calling all vinyl fetishists! Enter your most wacky album cover in our contest!

Traveling to the far reaches of the music cosmos we ask Somervillians to thumb through their vinyl and submit album covers filled with truly bizarro scenarios, terrifying facial expressions, psychedelic imagery and bad hair throwbacks. We want to compile a collection of the most bizarre album covers of all time and put them on display. Rules on how to enter the competition are posted below. The event itself will take place at local record shop Somerville Grooves and will include spinning songs from records submitted and store favorites. We hope that our contestants will tell us a bit about the cover—where they found it, why they love it, etc—on the night of the event.

Competiton Requirements

-Applicants must submit a photograph of the record that is at least 1MB in file size prior to the event.
-Copy the form below into an email and submit both answers and photograph to [email protected]

-You must bring your submission with you to Somerville Grooves the night of the event.

Application deadline is April 20, 2015.



Contact (Email or Phone):

Album Name:

Where did you find this album? (or if representing a friend where did they get it?):

What is your favorite thing about the cover?:

Album covers will be judged by the audience that evening.
Prize is TBA.

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