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Free Verse

Free Verse

05/17/15 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Write a poem, tell a story, get something off your chest!

What will you type, tack up, or take with you from FREE VERSE? A haiku? A love letter? A confession? Write a poem, tell a story, or just get something off your chest. Four typewriters, three days of typing, two weeks to post, and one place to share: Union Square.

Presented by the Somerville Arts Council and julie ann otis as an ArtsUnion event. Free Verse will take place on three dates in May but the installation board of all the writing submitted through the project will remain standing the entire duration. The dates of the project are:

Saturday, May 2 (rain date: Sunday, May 3)
Saturday, May 9 (rain date: Sunday, May 10)
Sunday, May 17 (rain date: Saturday, May 23)


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