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Sagie Vangelina

Sagie Vangelina

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Sagie Vangelina De La Cruz is an Afro-Dominican muralist with a unique style of abstract linework that illustrates a journey of self-discovery. Her creativity is  fueled by life experiences, constantly evolving, portraying themes of reflection, growth, and love. Creating has always been a natural form of therapy where she can escape reality and fully express herself. Through her journey, she has built a foundation for her to push through challenges creatively.

Aqui, En La Lucha
The mural is pure expression. Aqui, En La Lucha represents the battles of life and continuing to fight. The battle looks different for everyone but we all have the power and strength within ourselves to fight.

The mural, Aqui, En La Lucha, is located at 285 Washington St, Somerville, MA. Thank you to Riverside Property for their support and permitting us to work on this project on their property.


"Can you paint the whole neighborhood?," a passerby yelled from the bridge when he saw artist Sagie Vangelina's new mural. She shared a story with us. "My family who was visiting from Florida came to see the progress of the mural," she says. "That day my uncle asked me [with admiration], "Sagie How? How do you do this?" I replied, "Tio, I don't know, it just came to me! The lines, the colors, they just come to me, and it happens."

"It is rare to have the opportunity to express ourselves as artists for commissioned projects," she says. We are working on a video interview with Sagie. Interview by Sayyara Huseynli. Check back soon!

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Photography Credit to: Rafael Rodriguez 
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