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Amanda Hill

Amanda Hill, CHA Mural

Amanda Hill

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Amanda Hill is a multimedia artist and muralist living and working in Greater Boston. Hill's work is rooted in the deep exploration of  objects. Hill elevates the status of her subject matter, heightening what many considered to be commonplace. Her paintings demonstrate an interest in color theory, color relationships, and structural tension. 

Hill takes a special interest in a community's ability to make and experience art, as such she regularly designs, consults, and coordinates mural and placemaking/public art projects.​

Hill received a BA from Smith College (Northampton, MA), and an MS in Nonprofit Management from The New School, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy (New York, NY). (Photograph to the right by Chris Gaines)

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA), Somerville Location, 236 Highland Ave: 
Care to the People was a mural developed for the Cambridge Health Alliance by artist Amanda Hill. Amanda is a Boston-based multimedia artist whose work ranges from small-scale paintings to building sized murals and site-specific installations. A common thread in all of her work has been to welcome the viewer into an underutilized or often-ignored space. With murals or large installation projects, this can be as simple as bringing color or a new purpose to a space. The work is then an invitation for the community to see the space in a new way and engage not only with the space and art, but with each other. Her small work similarly asks the viewer to reimagine items that hold little value in society as things of beauty that should be elevated into a place of interest and even reverence. The inspiration for this mural stemmed from the want to celebrate moments of joy. During the past several months, we have all faced new challenges that have been born from the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been engulfed in pain, anxiety, and stress for months.  With no real “end” in sight, now more than ever, we need to remember to stop and celebrate even the smallest victories. This piece is intended to reminder viewers that these moments of joy, however fleeting, should be enjoyed and shared. Instead of a parking lot, the façade of CHA’s Somerville location has been transformed into a cheerful alcove along one of Somerville’s busiest streets.

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instagram: @a.b.hill