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Vegetarian Indian with Kalpana Gajjar

Vegetarian Indian with Kalpana Gajjar

07/07/16 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

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Nibble cooking class instructor Kalpana Gajjar gives us a glimpse of the vast diversity of Indian cuisine.

Kalpana knows a thing or two about cooking meals in summer time temperatures. From the western region of Gujarat, India, temperatures in the summertime average 100 degrees! The majority of residents here are vegetarian, and this class will touch on vegetarian options that are both special to Gujarat, and popular across the country. We’ll make Paratha, the second most popular Indian flatbread after naan. “It’s one of the easiest breads to make,” says Kalpana. We’ll need it to scoop up our “flower bataka nu shaak,” which is roasted cauliflower and potato curry with spices like mustard seed, coriander, and asafoetida. Our Indian dinner plate wouldn’t be complete without split pidgeon pea dal, and raita, a cool and refreshing savory yogurt. We’ll start with a favorite Indian street food called bhel made with puffed rice, chopped onions, tomatoes, and seasoned with spices, chutney, and herbs, this yummy snack will wet our palettes and appease our after-work stomachs. Walk away from this class with more knowledge of western Indian cuisine and a hands-on culinary experience you won’t soon forget!

What: Western Indian Vegetarian Cooking Class with Kalpana Gajjar

Where: 3 Washington Street, Somerville

When: Thursday July 7th, 6pm-8:30 pm

Cost: $40 per person. Reserve your tickets here!

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