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ArtBeat 2019 theme

ArtBeat 2019

Sat., July 13, 11:00am

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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ArtBeat 2019: Consumed 

ArtBeat is one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals, with over a dozen bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food, and all-age activities.  

On Saturday, July 13th we shut down Davis Square for craft vendors, two stages of music, dance in the Somerville Theater, and a host of great interactive peformances from 11 am to 10 pm.

Do you wish to participate?  

Call for Talent
We encourage you to tie in proposals to this year’s theme. Although bands, for example, don’t need to relate a performance to the theme (although you’re welcome to try!), we encourage other applicants to engage with our theme.

Please apply to the talent call via this google form link

Deadline: March 18
Questions? Email Rachel Strutt at rstrutt (at) 

Call for Craft Vendors
Please download the pdf application here.  
Deadline:  March 30
Questions? Email Heather Balchunas at hbalchunas (at) 

Call for Community Vendors
Please download the pdf application here. 
Deadline:  May 31
Questions? Email Heather Balchunas at hbalchunas (at) 

About this year's theme.  

Are you consumed by feelings of joy, creativity — or guilt or anxiety? Do you associate the word “consumed” with synonyms like “absorbed” and “engrossed” or “depleted” and “dissipated?” We are interested in all your interpretations of this theme yet are particularly interested in exploring how our consuming habits affect the planet. In fact, the Arts Council (SAC) is teaming up with the City’s Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) for this festival, to investigate how artists and climate activists can collaborate in ways that affect positive change. Can we consume less? Can we consume in ways that are smarter? Can we turn the often all-consuming dread of climate change into positive action? Perhaps a visual artist creates works to visualize our obsession with consumption or interprets climate change data in an engaging visual language. Perhaps a photographer would like to curate a show on “Stupid things I bought.” Other ideas include: a consumption confessional, the crowning of lord and lady consumption, and a global warming film festival or a parade around this theme. However you interpret “consumed,” we can’t wait to see your proposals! 

If you are a visual artist who has an existing body of work or a new project idea for ArtBeat, please fill out the general ArtBeat talent application, google form link below. However, SAC and OSE also are interested in pairing up artist activists and environmental activists to take on a collaborative project. We are eager to see how artists can interpret environmental ideas and data in creative, provocative ways. We are seeking artists who are interested in being paired with a climate change organization or activists to jointly work on a new project.

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