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Fixer Fair

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Fixer Fair

Saturday, July 13 11:00 AM

198 Dover Street, Somerville

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fixer fair

This is an all-day event!  On Dover Street

Don’t recycle it, FIX it. In the spirit of this year’s theme, “Consumed,” Parts and Craft will bring a mini Fixer Fair to ArtBeat. This activity aims to show how repairing broken items helps the environment and can be more economical, all while teaching engineering to adults and kids. At the festival, there will be three basic repair stations: sewing/mending, basic electronics/soldering, and a bike repair station. Attendees can bring things that need repairing and learn how to repair them, as each station demonstrates how to take apart, maintain and repair various items. Come add some flare to that old frock and up your repair game with “fixer fun” for all ages.