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Aqua Alley

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Aqua Alley

Saturday, July 13 11:00 AM

198 Dover Street, Somerville

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tap water v bottled water

This is an all-day event!  On Dover Street at Festival

A variety of water-themed activities and displays, including: 

Aqua Table
Arts Council board members invite everyone to join them for cool water-related games, eco trivia, and ideas for how to use less water! Show our blue planet some love while enjoying some summer fun.

Water Taste Test!
Somerville’s Community Health Improvement & the Cambridge Health Alliance invite participants to taste samples of two different waters, one local tap water and one bottled water, and then vote on their preference. At intervals, the waters’ true identities will be revealed! This activity will provide a chance to talk about behaviors related to water consumption, racially targeted marketing around water, the environmental impacts of bottled water, and realities of testing regulations. There will also be a “Sugar Shock Kit” activity in which participants will play a game that reveals the sugar amounts in popular drinks. 

Mystic River Herring Activity
The Mystic River Watershed Association will be hosting an interactive food activity educating participants about herring populations on the Mystic River. The talk will also include time for an art project that seeks to highlight the harmful ways in which humans are altering the consumption habits of river wildlife by using plastics and other found materials to create the art.