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Graphic design

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Zooguu Handmade

We’re Zooguu, and we make high quality handmade décor for people who like to have fun. Don’t worry, no actual (or stuffed!) animals are harmed in the making. Jen Gubicza is the designer and maker behind Zooguu. Jen graduated with a BFA in graphic design from MICA in 2001 and worked as a Graphic Designer & Creative Director at Big Blue Dot and the Boston Children’s Museum. In 2004, Jen started designing and sewing her own creatures as a hobby to get back to the enjoyment she feels when making things by hand vs. mainly on a computer.

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Self-taught ever since I found Microsoft Paint!  Specialize in illustrations, character design, animal portraits, and of course, colors.

I have worked with a few local businesses designing merchandise art for t-shirts, etc.

Please contact me at with any questions.  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my work.

Please check out my link to my many works:

Content Creator

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Content Creator

Hi, I'm Carven!​​

I'm a local freelance content creator producing professional Photography, Video Production, and Graphic Design.
Whether you need a family photoshoot, promo video for your product/service, or a new logo design for your business,I am at your service...

Feel free to contact me to describe your project needs and how we can collaborate...

Check out my website here:

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Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer

Children's book designer by day, maker of miscellany by night

As a graphic designer with a strong background in typography, I relish in organizing information both digitally and manually. I love books--both as a medium and subject. After spending most of my day working on screen, I also have a strong desire to make things by hand. I have recently opened an Etsy shop to sell my handmade soaps and I hope to expand it soon to include other pieces. I'm always looking for new projects and challenges, so feel free to contact me to discuss custom work!

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