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Feb 2012 Salon: Behind the Animated Gif: Digital Art & Identity

Feb 2012 Salon: Behind the Animated Gif: Digital Art & Identity

02/15/12 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

191 Highland Ave. , Somerville

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Behind the Animated Gif:  Digital Art & Identity, curated by Jacy Edelman 

Presenting the work of PRINCESSdie, Yassy Goldie and Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers, and Vela.

PRINCESSdie explores our past, present and future human impact on the world through interdisciplinary and collaborative practices including, video installations, dynamic websites, animated gifs, photography, music, performance, and art sabotage pulling content from various sources including the Internet, historical and current source material; PRINCESSdie weaves the complexities of the world GJYD attempts to shed light on issues and create social change. GJYD is the manipulation of ideas and emotions in order to shift focus onto otherwise hidden agendas or social injustices. Using elements of truth, irony, humor and satire. Like a good prank, GJYD is meant to target closed-mindedness, prejudice, hatred and unquestioning thinking. GJYD deconstructs the status quo. Vela believes in magnifying the energy of objects, sounds and actions, blending subconscious with spirit and allowing the unknown to present it self. He enjoys transforming and altering modern and ancient energy’s into a new unknown universal existence. Vela’s art embodies many methods, he is always shape shifting and adapting to his instinct and the unknown. From performance art to VJing, to animated gifs and assemblages,  he has been activating and creating since 1994, both nationally, internationally and in the World Wide Web.