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Cooking Class: A Taste of El Salvador

Cooking Class: A Taste of El Salvador

09/23/13 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

201 Somerville Ave. , Somerville

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El Salvador native Juan Carlos Menjivar is back to prepare another delicious Salvadoran meal with us! (Vegetarian options available)

A native of La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvador, Juan Carlos Menjivar will teach us to make a full Salvadoran meal, from Pupusas to dessert! On the menu: pupusas stuffed with revueltas (a mix of pork, beans, and cheese) and queso con loroco (cheese with loroco flowers - an aromatic flower that grows in several central American countries that’s a uniquely tasty & important part of Salvadoran food. This option is also vegetarian)  Curtido (a lightly fermented cabbage slaw that is traditionally served with pupusas), and Marañon (juice made from cashew fruit). And for dessert, Nuegados de yuca con miel negra (fried yucca dumplings with honey syrup). Participants will also have the chance to prep and take home their own pineapple vinegar - Juan makes it from scratch to use in the Curtido! This class is vegetarian friendly - the only dish containing meat is the revueltas filling.

 Once our feast is ready, we will sit down to eat together and learn more about Salvadoran culinary and cultural traditions. Juan Carlos has a heaping portion of experience, having owned and run two restaurants in El Salvador -- opening one at the ripe old age of 19!

Check out an interview with Juan on Nibble.

Tickets cost $40 and are on sale here.

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