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LCC Grant Applications/Forms

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SOMERVILLE ARTS COUNCIL 2024 APPLICATION GUIDELINES are now available, download PDF application here.
The deadline to submit is Tuesday, Oct. 17th 2023, 11:59 pm.   

Please read the guidelines first.   The grant application must be submitted via the MCC portal found here 

If you are experiencing problems with the MCC portal or, in general, for more information on MCC LCC partnership, please review their website.  

Sample Grant Applications

Attached below are three sample grant applications.  We post this only as a sample of applications that are thorough, have clear language, and corresponding budgets of clarity.   Obviously, your content will be your own.  Think of a good grant proposal as a three legged stool that tells a full story; comprised of a narrative, budget, and support material.  All should weave together to tell a compelling story.  

Sample Project Grant
Sample Fellowship Grant

Current Grant Awardees Forms

If you are grant award winner but cannot find the original grant award forms mailed to you, below are documents you can download.  In addition are logos you can use for flyers, press, etc.:  

If you are seeking to get reimbursed, please download and return these two forms (in addition we have provided Word forms as well: 

1.  LCC grant reimbursement packet (for use to receive your grant award).
2.  New w-9 (you must use the 2018 version) 

If you are seeking to submit your community benefit application and can't find your forms, download this: 
LCC Fellowship award community benefit forms (if you were awarded a fellowship you must complete a community benefit project before receiving your award).