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BIPOC grant: Round 2


BIPOC grant: Round 2

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******As of May 6, 2022 we have paused the grant program. A new start date is to be determined.******

The Somerville Arts Council (SAC) continues with a second round of grant support to the local BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community.  This grant program is designed to serve individual, or groups of, BIPOC artists, as well as build organizational capacity to provide leadership in arts presenting, programming and instruction that predominantly serves BIPOC culture. 

As we continue to emerge from the effects of Covid-19 on our cultural community, this funding is available to support new work and creative initiatives.   These project grants are meant to support 
create initiatives, programs, and series in Somerville that support local BIPOC artists and the traditions of the BIPOC community. We are especially interested in projects and initiatives that lead to systemic shifts that empower BIPOC artists and culture.

This second round of BIPOC support grant program has approximately $200,000 to distribute. We anticipate providing project grants of between $3,000 and $15,000 each. All grants will be reimbursement based on work completed, but awardees can request funding support as you plan, purchase supplies, pay others to complete your work.  

For applicants who may not have had prior grant management experience, we will work with you to support your planning and production needs.  You may request funding support to hire an additional contract worker to support your production and implementation.   If you need that support please indicate in the application. 

Apply Now here via our Google Form

Review Process and Timeline

* You may request a Project Grant between $3,000 and $15,000.
* The first submission deadline is December 30th, 2021. With deadlines on the last day of each month. Continued based on available funding and demand.
* We anticipate a review process and notification within a month of each deadline.
* Project completion period deadline will be nine months from contract execution.

For complete application information and guidelines refer to Application Form.