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ArtAssembled Residency

ArtAssembled Residency

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Update January 15, 2022:  Due to the high request for this Residency grant project during this first round, and continued demand for rehearsal space, this initative is now closed to new proposals submissions.  In addition, our rehearsal space requests will remain closed until further notice.  We will be working with Residency grant receipents moving forward until June 30th.  In late spring we may conduct an second round of residency opportunities.  Thanks for all your submissions and support in this work. 

The Somerville Arts Council announces a ArtAssembled Residency Program support grant for individual performance artists, groups of artists, to support the development of their work. We seek to support artists who include dancers, theater, multimedia performance based who need both space and technical assistance.   

In the spring of 2021, in a partnership with Federal Realty, the Somerville Arts Council, and Callie Chapman, built out a rehearsal space to support local artists.  For more information about this project go here. 

ArtAssembled Residency Program will award artists with space, a small stipend, and other resources to support projects with the potential end goal of a public performance in Somerville.  Available residency must culminate by June 15, 2022 , which will reward each artist with up to 100 hours of rehearsal time to be used for a maximum of 15 hours/week.


Up to 100 hours to use within the period. Residency must be a minimum of 50 hours. Maximum of 15 hours/week.

A $4,000 stipend to support your work.

A potential to request a $1,000 stipend to support a public performance.  This must be conducted in a Somerville publicly accessible space, or utilizing our partner, Arts at the Armory's, “Pop performance” initiative.  (For more info:

Support from ArtAssembled staff with space arrangements and incorporation of other elements (as requested)


This residency is open to regional artists with practices that are low in audible volume and that utilize a "black box" type of environment, with minimal set up and break down.   Disciplines include primarily dance, theater or multimedia. 

Artist/group can be emerging, mid-career, or established and resided within the I-95 corridor. 

Review Criteria: 

Clarity and feasibility of residency goals 

Demonstration of public benefit

Demonstration of prior track record and follow through

Somerville artists have priority

For the full application and guidelines please review and go here.  

Applications will be reviewed by:  
Callie Chapman (local dance artist, ArtAssembled coordinator)
Emily Beattie (local dance artist, Arts Council Chair)
Gregory Jenkins (Arts Council Director)