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MUM @ ArtFarm

MUM 2016, Keith Simmons

MUM @ ArtFarm

09/23/17 8:00 PM to 09/24/17 1:00 AM

10 Popular St, Somerville

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Prepare for an out of this world sound, light & fire dance party at ArtFarm! 

Project MUM,
 a Somerville-born outdoor dance party was created to transform underutilized spaces.  MUM stands for Meet under the McGrath, where the event was held for three years.  With this spirit we've shifted the party across the street from the McGrath to ArtFarm - the mixed use arts space at Somerville's old waste transfer site where it's been for the past two years.
Come out to dance at this intergallatic dance - enjoy the art installations and light and fire shows! Click HERE for more detailed information about this year's event. 

MUM is produced in partnership with Project MUM

Photos from MUM 2016, taken by Keith Simmons

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