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We Are Still Listening

photography by Iaritza Menjivar

We Are Still Listening

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If you venture to Symphony Park, located in East Somerville, you will notice a plaque which speaks to its historical significance. Fermin's sculpture “We Are Still Listening” was created from a magnificent regal tree which once stood in front of the Hadley-Conant home, which was know for a family of musicians from the 1880s.   Through his sculpture Fermin wishes to portray the significance of this family and to continue their musical traditions, extending into the present and the future.    

Fermin dedicates this sculpture to the honor of the Hadley-Conant family, the residents of East Somerville, and those musicians who will continue this tradition through musical performances and events in Symphony Park. 


Elio LoRusso, Ornamental Iron Work, Inc. for his generous donation 
Gustavo Fernandez, Iron Fabricator
Kevin Jackson, Scaffolding