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Contemporary Chamber Music

Around Hear

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Around Hear presents chamber music and poetry with roots in Armenia, Brooklyn, Somerville, Uruguay, Saturn, and more! We are especially excited to include Brooklyn-based bassoonists Nisreen Nor and Tamara Plummer.

Around Hear students
ARTUR AVANESOV - Zemestani/Bahari/Beheshti, for violin + piano (2008)
TAMARA PLUMMER and DAN SEDGWICK - Meditations on Home, for violin, piano + spoken word (2018)
MIGUEL DEL ƁGUILA - Malambo, for bassoon + piano (2016)
SUN RA - Planet Earth (1956)

Nisreen Nor, bassoon; Tamara Plummer, bassoon + spoken word; Marji Gere, violin; Dan Sedgwick, piano

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11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

String Revolution

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String Revolution exists to perform and teach strategies of improvisation and contemporary creative string music to students and teachers through workshops and live concerts. We are devoted to ensemble playing in order to build community by example. Our repertoire is rooted in improvisation and world rhythms to demonstrate the versatility of our instruments outside of their western classical music identities.

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12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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