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found objects

Art by Apple Jack

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Art by Apple Jack

Apple Jack is an exotic mime and multi-mixed media artist who spends much of their time crafting whatsits inspired by a lifetime of hypervigilance, staring at moss, and trying to understand what is both inside and outside of the glass box. Their work has been shown in galleries in Salem, Lynn, and Boston. They are a current member of Galleries at Lynn Arts. 

They moved to Somerville in September of 2020 to be closer to the weird art sculpture park on the Somerville Community Path. They revel in found objects, the sounds of crickets in summer, and the dreams of lost childhood. 

The Feather Forge

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The Feather Forge

I've been making things with whatever I could get my hands on for my entire life. My interest in design eventually lead to a masters degree in architecture, which has given me a good grounding in the design process and collaborative work. My current work is focused on bending wire into interesting shapes and ornamenting it with random found objects and beads, mostly as jewelry, and the occasional digital artwork or graphic design project.

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