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Meagan O'Brien

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Meagan O'Brien

Born in New York, 1986.

Graduated from Alfred University School of Art & Design, 2008.

Studied BFA Design + Illustration.

Still working in Somerville, MA

The work I gravitate towards tends to be strongly rooted in community. I am always looking to apply my skills helping small businesses, not-profit organizations and independent projects. Using a variety of media I have produced work over the years that is creative, clean, and a smart solution for many clients. This includes things like graphics for the local arts, an iPod app, illustrations for annual reports, and websites for many small organizations.

If you are interested in my work, want to talk, collaborate, or even grab a drinkā€¦ please feel free to contact me. I love meeting new people and discussing ideas.

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ArtBeat 2011
Fri., July 15, 5:00pm to Sat., July 16, 12:00am