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Lesley Bannatyne

SheBoom began in January, 2010 as a Brazilian drumming class that was meant to last four weeks. Four weeks turned into a few months, then stretched out over the summer and beyond. We meet once a week to compose, practice, and learn new rhythms and beats from our teacher, master Brazilian drummer Marcus Santos.

Our compositions are mash-ups of the music that has been a big part of our lives, and all our compositions are a collaborative effort.

Every once in a while, we pack up our surdos and agogos, congas, snares, and repiniques and play a gig: living rooms, backyards, parades, and once by an incredible stroke of beginner's luck, the venerable Ryles Jazz Club.

We spotted fifty in the rearview mirror a while ago. Among us are activists, artists, educators, moms, fundraisers, and entrepreneurs.

But drumming is what we really like to do.

Artist Work