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From the Inside Out Exhibition

From the Inside Out Exhibition

Sun., January 30, 1:00pm to Sat., March 5, 5:00pm

155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville

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From the Inside Out - Exhibition at the Nave Gallery

Our world shrunk during COVID. Like others whose work or schooling moved to their living spaces, many artists turned their focus inward. Some, fearing possible contamination of shared studio spaces or public transportation, moved their creative practice into their homes as well. It was a time of reflection. Relationships between interior and exterior shifted. New perspectives affected artist's work and lifestyle.

Inside/Out – how did your view of the outside world change? Is this reflected in your art?
Support – were new bonds created between members of your “pod”? Or were you isolated?
Home – was your art impacted by your extended stay at home?
Emotion – did elements of anxiety, anger, and/or fear creep into new work created at home?
Safety – during these moments of isolation and emotional upheaval, where did you feel safe?
Sanctuary – is this a place? a person? an emotional state?

Exhibition dates: January 30, 2022 – March 5, 2022
Closing Reception: TBD (no food or drink, masks required) 

Featured artists: Ashley Craig
Billy Hickey
Callie Chapman
Cindy Weisbart
Claudio Eshun
Dennis RedMoon Darkeem
Emily Bouffard
Ethan Lassey
Francis Tadley
Gary Duehr
Hristina Tasheva
Jaina Cipriano
Jess Cohen-Tanugi
Jill Waterman
Joann Biondi
John Heymann
Joshua Sariñana
Julie Berson
Juliet Degree
Kerrie Kemperman
Kirsten Moran
Lee Kilpatrick
Maria Servellon
Marky Kauffmann
Nancy Hall Brooks
Sarah Malakoff
Stan Eichner
Wonderland Spectacle Co. (Greg Cook, Kari Percival, Ulysses)

CURATED BY: Susan Berstler, Nave Gallery and Iaritza Menjivar, Somerville Arts Council

Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm, Gallery is only open during weekends and it is volunteer run. Masks are required.
Admission: Free and open to the public
Accessibility: No wheelchair access

Banner Photograph by: Joshua Sariñana
Middle Photograph by: Billy Hickey
Bottom Photograph by: Maria Servellon