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Omolu, the history of an African God!

Omolu, the history of an African God!

Wed., May 26, 7:00pm

191 Highland Ave. , Somerville

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Omolu documentary is a result of BIPOC Project grant directed by Robson Lemos. This documentary involves a lot of art expression and political discussion about the African roots in America's continent : Northern, Central and Southern. 

Because of Covid capacity limitations please reserve your free ticket here:

After the screening and release of this documentary there will be a live discussion involving the director and artists.

Omolu is a documentary project that tells the story of Omolu, the African God who according to myth, was afflicted with a skin disease which made him ashamed of his appearance. Faced with discrimination and ridicule from the other Gods he covered his whole body from the other Gods he covered his whole body with straw to hide his skin. He wandered through Africa for a long time until he found Yemaya, (queen of the ocean), and Oshala, (father of all gods). Who taught him to cure himself with ocean water. After discovering his new power to heal himself, he was blessed by Oshala as a God of Healing. 

This documentary incorporates dance, theater, music, capoeira, visual arts, culinary arts, and interviews to celebrate the story of Omolu and its message of inclusion involving blacks, indigenous, people of color and immigrants. 


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