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Mini-Maker Faire


Mini-Maker Faire

10/05/13 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Mini-Maker Faire brings you the best of DIY culture! Check out 3D printers, robots, and more...

Come one, come all to Somerville’s Mini-Maker Faire, produced by Artisan’s Asylum!  Mini-Maker Faires are local versions of national Maker Faire events, designed to showcase local DIY culture; we’ll have 3D printers, robots, art displays, contraptions of all shapes and sizes, hand-made craft pieces, local craft businesses and more all on display. Come see what Somerville residents make for a living, and get involved in the rebirth of Do-It-Yourself!

Exhibitors include:

Atomic Earrings - selling 3-D printed earrings and bracelets.

Flip Table - Selling a flip table/easy pull out table.

Zing Box - Showing off a Solar Powered Boom Box.

Duct Tape, SciFi, Space and Swords - 100% Duct tape sculptures!

Imaginary Maps - Unique map drawings

SCA Studio - Showing off mixed media furniture and modern concrete steel tables.

Armor Class 10 - T-shirts for table-top and RPG gamers.

Frankenbike and Friends - Home built recumbent bicycles. Come try!

Giant Baby Carriage - You'll have to come see this yourself.

Einstein's Workshop - A place for kids to explore science creatively. Play with legos, k'nex, anchor blocks, kappa blocks and more.

Wandering Alexandira - Beadwork and Up-cycled Sewing

Armored Dragon Designs - Leather and chainmail costumes and jewelry. Masks, bracelets, necklaces and even armor.

Hacker Junk Creations - Use recycled computer parts and make art here!

LED Art - A variety of LED projects to learn electronics and have fun!

The Making of Autonomous Robots - Mathworks (the makers of MATLAB and Simulink) and Artisan's Asylum have forged a partnership to help makers create autonomous robots in spectacular competitions and challenging classes held at the Asylum. Come see them at Maker Faire!



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