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Dallas Vietty's Musette Project

Dallas Vietty's Musette Project

Saturday, June 14 5:15 PM

Seven Hills Park, Somerville

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Dallas Vietty

Musette Project explores the French accordion waltz music of 20′s-50′s known as Musette. Sometimes called Swing Musette or Bebop musette, it is a genre within a genre. Most closely connected with the music called Gypsy Jazz/Jazz Manouche.

The group is influenced by the work of the Swing Musette greats as well as contemporary Parisian interpreters. 

The Musette Project for this performance will be Dallas Vietty on Accordion, Luke Hendon on Guitar and Ben Ruben-Schnirman on Bass. The emphasis for this performance will be on interpreting a few classic musettes in a more contemporary manner, allowing for exploration of improvisation over the form of the musette and pushing them harmonically and rhythmically into unique directions. Musette Project will also pepper the set with hard swinging tunes from the canon of Gypsy Jazz.