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Christina Crowder with Charles Casimiro

Christina Crowder with Charles Casimiro

Saturday, June 14 4:45 PM

Seven Hills Park, Somerville

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Christina Crowder

Christina Crowder has been performing and researching Jewish music for over twenty years, beginning in Budapest, Hungary in 1993, continuing with a Fulbright grant to Romania to document Jewish music in 1999, and since 2002 with an active research, teaching, and performing career in the US.  Her current research is examining the connections between Jewish, Bessarabian, and Greek music through a project with NYU Abu Dhabi. Christina lives in New Haven, Connecticut, and performs with the Nu Haven Kapelye, her klezmer chamber trio Bivolița, the Alexander Fiterstein Trio, the Wholesale Klezmer Band, the Goldenshtayn Kompaniye, and the Dave Levitt Klezmer Trio. She performs regularly with the renowned klezmorim Margot Leverett, Alicia Svigals, and Walter Zev Feldman. 

Christina and bassist Charles Casimiro will be playing a set of Moldavian dance tunes with a Yiddish attitude.