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Emerald Rae & Somer O'Brien

Emerald Rae & Somer O'Brien

Sunday, June 12 4:30 PM

Seven Hills Park, Somerville

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Emerald Rae and Somer O’Brien | EuroCelt Eclectica
Emerald Rae and Somer O’Brien are a neo-folk fiddle and accordion duo polished with a quasi-art-music sheen. Their repertoire is a montage of Celtic, French, Italian and Greek tunes intuitively rendered with a delicate mix of authenticity, curiosity and artistry.  Their arrangements are fiercely vivacious, ardent and candid and are presented with warmth, wit and humour. 
A fearless and masterful fiddler with a heavy background in driving dance music, Emerald Rae blends softness and strength to create a uniquely expressive sound. Being a traditional music guru requires a dedication to history, using an approach similar to that of a museum curator.  She describes the process of collecting carefully-sourced tunes as being akin to grave-robbing.  “Tunes are our currency.  To find them you have to dig, wipe off the dust, and breathe life into them.  Then they become part of your story.”
Somer O’Brien’s original accordion playing belies a lifetime of study as a classical pianist.  Her compelling rhythms and singular harmonic textures push the boundaries and defy categorization.  She weaves a fine tapestry with exotic colors from Afro-Latin, Jazz, and Folk.  “As a teacher I am a perpetual student.  My ears are always expanding, as is my knowledge of and relationship to the accordion.  I think this is what keeps my style fresh.”
With their whimsical style and passion for eclecticism, Rae and O’Brien piece together a surprising and refreshing mosaic, taking you on a journey that will spark your inner wanderlust.  Their first full-length album, Artifact, will be released in the summer of 2016.