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Grand Fatilla

Grand Fatilla

Saturday, June 15 5:00 PM

Seven Hills Park, Somerville

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Grand Fatilla began as an informal trio when Club d’Elf bassist, Mike Rivard; electric mandolinist, Matt Glover; and accordionist Roberto Cassan got together to explore their mutual love for folk music from all over the world, especially the styles born out of the gypsy diaspora. Like an iPod on shuffle the group jumps from Argentine Tangos to Italian Tarantellas...from Turkish sacred Sufi songs to Irish reels...Moroccan trance to Bulgarian dance music, all performed with an emphasis on improvisational group interplay and playful spontaneity. In this age of heightened global consciousness the repertoire that Grand Fatilla performs acknowledges and pays homage to the idea that it is indeed One World that we all live in, and the music of diverse cultures enriches us all.