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Pauline Lim

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"We Have to Talk addresses the human need for communication. The dead phone box was a poignant testament to the coming and going of new technologies and abandonment of obsolete forms. The site was overgrown with weeds and was (and still is, unfortunately) a popular repository for fast-food trash. I wanted the finished work to be colorful because it's in a bleak area devoid of ornamental decoration, surrounded on all sides by parking lots and traffic roaring by. It's an area where the developers clearly didn't give a sh*t about things looking good. I painted the poles to look like Venetian gondola poles, and I took inspiration from my travels to cities that are known for their beauty, where even garbage cans and manhole covers have lovely decoration." --Pauline Lim
In a storm, the piece orginally at Hub Glass (see above and right) blew down.  Pauline has now installed it on the 4th floor hallway of the Brickbottom Cannery building,(below).