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Call of the Wild

Phone Art Box Project

Call of the Wild

110 Broadway, Somerville

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Call of the Wild  (2015)
I grew up in the country but have lived in many places including several cities worldwide. Wherever I live, I look out for the wildlife. They are always among us but only certain species have learned to adapt to life in an urban environment. There are more species in Somerville than are represented in this art piece but some – like the rats and roaches – are not looked upon as fondly as others.
The human species has continued to grow in our population and with that growth comes the need to find ways to live with the other creatures of this planet. They certainly are finding ways to live with us! If we take the time to look up at the gathering birds in the trees on the last days of fall, listen to the insects singing on a summer night, or shine the flashlight into our backyard garden to see the raccoons sneaking about, we realize that other creatures are all around us. Some of them seem to love the urban lifestyle as much as we do!

---Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer