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John Lakov

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John Lakov (b. 1994) is an internationally exhibited, Boston-based multimedia artist known for figurative works. Born in New Jersey, John’s mother taught him how to draw and paint from a young age and helped guide the start of his artistic path. He publishes his work under the name Sanidad Design as a tribute to his mother and Filipino heritage.

John’s work serves as a mirror, reflecting the evolving facets of how we define and express ourselves. Each piece seeks to contribute to this transformative narrative, inviting you to question old biases and give way to a more compassionate and equitable vision of who we are. Through his exaggerated figures that blend humor with unfiltered reality, the conventional boxes that once held the definitions of identity are being deconstructed, revealing an honest and more multifaceted tapestry of the self.

John’s art can be found in private collections across the United States as well as internationally.

Past Shows:

The Liberty Hotel - Solo Show - US - 2023

The Art Center - Group Show - US - 2023

Primer Festival - Group Show - Greece - 2023

ETH Denver - Group Show - US - 2023

Pellas Gallery - Group Show - US - 2023

Mecenate Fine Art - Group Show - Italy - 2022

Boston Blockchain - Group Show - US - 2022

The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art - Group Show - Digital - 2022

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