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Jet Streak

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Jet Streak
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Lowden & Broadway
8 Lowden Avenue

Jet Streak is a producer bringing force and feelings to the bass music scene. Jet Streak curated his sound: masterful melodies that evoke a feeling of sentiment, paired with twisted, heavy basslines that bring relentless rhythm to the dance floor. In 2020, Jet Streak debuted his first EP, A Smooth Operation. This was followed up by the 2021 singles HAVEN and We Don't Stop, which together pulled in over 1000 streams. In 2022, Jet Streak disrupted a stretch of radio silence with the comeback single Airplay, signed to Melodic Bassment Records, and quickly followed up with his second EP To the Stars, featuring fan favorites Starchaser and Reason (Still Gettin' It).

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