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Michael Talbot (Talbot's Art)

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Michael Talbot

Growing up in Jamaica, Michael had always had a strong desire to inspire and speak to others through art. In 2012 he left his home country to live in the United States and began pursuing his artistic dreams doing Illustration, Graphic Design, and Animation, and has since been working as a Boston-based Freelance Artist on a wide range of projects, exhibitions, and showcases.

Michael believes that all art is inter-connected in some facet; informing, complimenting and/or enhancing each other. And although his passion and interest for storytelling is forefront in his practice and craft, he tends to draw from his knowledge in as many areas of study as possible to help strengthen this process. Whenever possible, he uses his rich cultural background from his early life in Jamaica to infuse, improve, and “season” whatever project he tackles, often mixing both digital and traditional media.

Artist Work