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Denise D. Price, Paper Engineer, Illustrator & Publisher

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Denise Price

Paper.  I love paper.  Paper packaging, brochures, handmade and mass-produced.  Hemp, cotton, recycled, or bleached, I love it all.  I was introduced to the paper arts as a teenager during the first year the Clayton College for Boys opened to girls.  I attended, by invitation and scholarship, a summer arts intensive.  It was at that Institute that my passion for the arts was stoked and has burned ever since.

I have an MBA in International Business and am grateful to have had the opportunity to train in paper arts with some of the finest pop-up engineers in the world.  I combine my astuteness for business and my eye for detail to create marketable and interesting art.

Much of what makes its way onto the pages of what I create is influenced by my global travels. Having seen twenty countries on five continents, my art is a combination of ephemera, design, and artistic expression. It evolved and echoes images and experiences from my global travels. My wanderlust has been a major influence on how I view the world, react, interact, design, and breathe. My art pays homage to the wondrous beauty and delicious art forms I have had the privilege of seeing in diverse cultures.           

I am a lover of Boston and history.  I am the creator of The Freedom Trail Pop Up Book.  A pop up book featuring Boston's rich heritage along the 2.5 mile historic trail.  The pop up book makes the city's history come alive with each brightly illustrated pop up.    This allows the viewer to experience Boston history in an entirely new and fresh way.   A 15 time award-winning illustrator and engineer, I am a board member of the Movable Book Society, a nonprofit organization that provides a forum for artists, booksellers, book producers, collectors, curators, and others to share enthusiasm and exchange information about pop-up and movable books. There are nearly 450 members worldwide.    I illustrate a few cards a year that are available on a limited run.  Some great cards include a 500 limited edition foldable scene of the Swans of The Public Garden,  a foldable scene of Beacon Street at Twilight, and illustrated note cards featuring the Historic Weathervanes in Boston. (all while supplies are available)

I live in Somerville, Massachusetts where I daydream of my home at the base of the Rocky Mountains and how to make paper into things that delight and transport the viewer to a parallel plane of the same universe, if only for a split second.

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