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Paige Mazurek

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Paige Mazurek

I am a multidisciplinary artist from Reisterstown, Maryland currently living in Somerville, MA. Curiosity is at the heart of my practice. I want to get closer to the complexities of what it means to be alive—what makes us all tick. I create work that finds extraordinary within the ordinary and underscores the duality of life. I believe if we are willing to slow down and listen, embedded within subtle moments are beautiful reminders of the interconnectedness around us.

My exploration takes place across multiple mediums including lens based media, sound, and sculpture. I am dedicated to challenging conventional forms of storytelling and documentary through an extensively developed, diverse skill set. In 2019 I earned a Graduate Certificate from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. In 2011 I earned a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University. Previously, I have worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Video Producer and Editor.

I am an aspiring jill-of-all-trades, love to ride / wrench motorcycles, and drive on unfamiliar roads at night.

Artist Work