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Kids Luv Cops

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Kids Luv Cops
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Cherry Street Inn
33 Cherry Street

Kids Luv Cops - Emotionally charged folk-punk about the road to self improvement. We bring the kazoos and maracas, you bring the flair.

Lonesome Joan - Open-tuned post-folk sadcore. Come for delicate songs about triumphant isolation, stay for personal mythologies of springtime crush hell and trivia about trees.

Pizzafish - A spin-off of I'm Doing Okay. How Are You? where the songs are supposed to be about joy but end up actually being about resilience. Now with 100% more whammy bar.

Suburban Adventure - Fenn from The Baja Blasters playing sad songs for burrito lovers. Music for huge fans of both the mall and 2004. 

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