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Book Marching Band

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Book Marching Band
Central Branch Library
79 highland ave.

Jef Czekaj's large box in front of the central branch library finished in Dec. 2011.

“This switchbox is directly outside of the Children's Room of the Somerville Public Library, so, of course, I wanted to do something about books. A book marching band seemed like a completely reasonable thing to do, but I don't think anyone knew what I was painting until it was completely finished. The switchbox was much bigger than I thought, so I just kept adding more and more characters. Note to aspiring muralists: don't paint your mural in winter! Brrrrr."

"they asked me to do it and for some reason I decided to do it in winter, which was dumb."

Quote from a Somerville student: I've met the one who did the painting.  He's an author that I really like and he's come to our school a bunch of times.  We all sit in the library on the floor or on chairs and they put up a big screen and he reads a book to us.