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Lexington Park mural

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Lexington Park mural
Lexington Ave at Hancock St
64 Lexington Ave, Somerville, MA

The mural, designed and painted by Ward 5 community members of all ages under the guidance of local artist Tova Speter is a four-panel depiction of the history and the evolution of the park as a Ward 5 community resource. It was commissioned by the city as a way to bring together the different residents who utilized the park. It became such a community project that even Mayor Joe Curtatone stopped by to join in the painting fun.

“We came to Alderman O’Donovan two years ago with the concept to bring our neighborhood together with the renovation of the Lexington Park basketball courts,” said Danny McLaughlin of SOS.  “Working with Alderman O’Donovan, the city and the entire neighborhood, we created a mural that truly symbolizes the whole community.  I’m truly proud of to be a part of this neighborhood.”  

“The entire neighborhood really rallied around this project and worked together to do something special.  This mural celebrates community spirit – and working on it strengthened our ties as a community,” said O’Donovan.