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Positive Negative Man

Mike Feeney

Positive Negative Man (+- Man) is Pete Tomilloso, bass and vocals; Mike Feeney, guitar and vocals; Eric Gibbs, guitar; Deth Zoom, drums.

Positive Negative Man mixes a number of influences to form a music that is a bit different.
The melodic tones come from Pete Tomilloso. Pete was from Seattle. Pete's formally played with the Cheats and Monsters of the Deep. Moved to Boston.

The art damaged guitar work of Mike Feeney comes from a number of responsible parties. Mike was a solo soundscape artist under the guise of Ancient Pistol. A guitar disciple of Roger Miller, Mike is a long time under the influence of UK/Boston post punk, metal beat and Neue Deutsche Härte.

Eric is the new addition to the band.

It is all about the music. It has to have that bounce.