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Bello Paintings

Nicole Boucher

I am an intuitive painter from Somerville, ma. For me painting and art, is therapy. The feeling I get when painting is like listening to a song on the radio that you know is singing specifically to you and your current situation or feelings. I like to paint powerful pieces that will encourage people to have inner strength and show their true beauty no matter what life challenges they are facing; after all Bello means BEAUTIFUL in Italian. I hope my painting will "sing" to you.

During the day I work as a kindergarten teacher and paint on the side for enjoyment. A gift that I take pride in is my initiation. A few years ago, I was entering a challenging period in my life and painting was the only way I could express my feelings and emotions. Soon, my house was filled with paintings that I had done as inspiration for myself, and I experienced a feeling of support every time I looked at them. My hope is, that the paintings I create will speak to people and offer support in whatever they are experiencing in life.