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Erica Leigh | Musician & Artist

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Erica Leigh

Using a microphone & a paintbrush, musician-artist Erica Leigh aims to inspire, uplift & make the world a little less lonely! After nearly losing her voice to cancer, she delivers a depth of meaning behind every note & every brush stroke she makes.

Fans compare her musical style to artists like Adele, Ingrid Michaelson & Mellissa Etheridge. John Mayer calls her voice, "Soulful & sexy!" ...When she makes art, it's vivid, colorful & as emotionally expressive as her songs. She experiments in a wide variety of styles and subjects, each one with a unique personality of its own. Her debut album Puzzle Heart is 7 stunning tracks that are pieced together with stories for everyone to relate to, & original album artwork, featuring a self-portrait bursting with color!

Erica Leigh is an Immersive Artist, who fans experience through Waves of Color & Sound.