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Candy Witcher - Artist & Art Instructor

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Candy Witcher

"Art has always been a part of my life. From an early age my artistic family has inspired and motivated me to be creative and challenge myself. At twelve, I started oil painting lessons and discovered in college I preferred drawing over oil painting, and concentrated on the mediums of pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, silver point and pastel. I received my BFA in Drawing from UNH.

After graduating, I found I developed an interest in watercolors. I love to work with the effects of color, light and shadow. My paintings of glass objects such as marbles, jars of preserved fruits & vegetables, glass candies and ornaments have improved my use of color and design. I am fascinated by the reflections and colors these reflective surfaces create and also by their cast shadows. To me, Art is a form of problem solving where you combine colors, shapes, textures and tones in stimulating and interesting ways to make harmonious and visually pleasing images.

I love drawing and keep a sketchbook with me during the day to draw on the bus or at lunchtime. I consider drawing to be the most important artistic skill to master, and always tell myself when drawing to listen to my eyes and not my brain.

My main focus in watercolor and/or pastels is the effects of color, light & shadows. I am fascinated by reflections, colors on surfaces of objects like marbles & glass jars and also by their cast shadows. Other subjects I enjoy drawing & painting are portraits, animals, landscapes, spring flowers & the American Southwest.

I teach art classes on the weekends and love to see my students get inspired with the progress of their own paintings as they learn new techniques. In addition to the art classes taught from my home studio, I am the art instructor for the residents at The Somerville Home."

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