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Miller's English

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Miller's English

Miller’s English delivers, cranked up or pared down, bending genre norms and finding receptive ears everywhere with their engaging musical repertoire. This Boston band creates music that hits the listener regardless of volume and reflects the group’s history, speaking to the members’ musicianship and superb songwriting abilities.

Miller’s English’s late 2010 formation fused many different sounds and musical styles. Guitarist Rob Meunier had an arsenal of lively acoustic jams from years of writing that found new meaning with the addition of vocalist Leigh Meunier’s lyrics. With a set of rousing, performance-ready acoustic melodies, the brother-sister duo began its search for a rhythm section. Bassist Tyler Wooley-Brown and drummer Greg Goodwin rounded out the sound with brooding low end and dynamic grooves, adding new depth and dimension to a repertoire that constantly evolves with the band members themselves.

Having an extensive set of musical influences, Miller’s English produces and performs songs that span several genres, including blues rock, folk, reggae, and funk. They intertwine improvised jams and impressive melodies with a confidence that ultimately influences their performances and gains them praise from audiences.

Always providing energetic live shows, Miller’s English frequents Boston area venues and has plans to add some out-of-town shows and festivals to the spring and summer schedule. Miller’s English’s anticipated debut EP is set for release this spring and will feature five crowd favorites.