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Kristina Blanchflower

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Kristina Blanchflower

Kristina wants to be your friend and she’ll be good at it.

Hailing from central MA and currently living in Somerville, Kristina has emerged as a musician who presents a unique melding of lyrical charm, coupled with distinctive instrumental crafting.

Unofficially apprenticing under folk and indie music staples of the time, Kristina taught herself guitar and began writing songs shortly after. Now, Kristina is flexing her muscles and baring her teeth. She’s working on producing a full-length album that exemplifies a new complexity combining her classical folk roots with experimental instrumentation and renewed lyrical depth. She is managing to break away from the pack of hungry singer-songwriters by creating something that’s familiar yet still unheard of.

Kristina is here for you. She’ll drive you home and listen to your troubles. She’ll tuck you in and check under the bed.

Kristina might be the friend you didn’t know you were waiting for.