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Jeff Miller

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Jeff Miller

Who I Am
I'm a Somerville creative director and musician. Came of age in the decadent 80's, spent all of the 90's and a good chunk of the 00's playing my heart out in Boston rock bands, and now, quite frankly, I'm a little tired. Dad, husband, weekend woodshop warrior, compulsive writer and doodler.

What I Do for a Living
I'm an Experience Designer. That makes me a relatively new kind of creative professional. I’m part creative director and designer, and part UX-er and strategist. Throw in s goodly amount of social expertise and a couple of decades of original content creation and there you go. Jeff Miller, Social Experience Content Design Strategy Director. (Or, you know, just Jeff is fine.) I used to work for big agencies in Boston, and now against all practical judgement I've gone freelance. I'm WAY happier. My freelance design business site is here.

Creative Output
I play lots of guitar and bass, and can often be found noodling in my home studio.
My band Hot Knives is an eclectic mix of funk, improv, and heavy classic rock.
I also love writing and do a lot of that here,, here, and here.

The Distributed Me
I'm into this whole online thing. Visit this link to connect to me wherever you like: